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Workers' Compensation Attorneys For Injured Truck Drivers In Barry County And Lawrence County

Monett Workers' Compensation Lawyers For Injured Truck Drivers

Randall, Masri & Randall, P.C., in Monett, Missouri, has years of experience helping injured workers in Southwest Missouri successfully apply for workers' compensation benefits after a work accident or suffering a disability related to their work tasks. Many people who hold a commercial driver's license may not realize that suffering an injury in a truck accident qualifies them for workers' compensation under their employer's insurance plan.

Injured CDL Driver In Southwest Missouri? Call 417-737-7124 For Workers' Comp Help.

If you were injured while driving a truck, or have suffered a debilitating injury caused by repetitive stress from too many hours behind the wheel, your first step should be to talk to your human resources manager about filing a workers' comp claim. Too often, though, you may hear that you don't qualify for benefits because your injury was not directly related to an accident on the job. Your next step should be to talk to an attorney at Randall, Masri & Randall, P.C., in Monett. We have decades of experience helping injured truckers and professional drivers receive the workers' comp medical treatment and pay benefits they need for themselves and their families.

Don't Get Back Behind The Wheel Until You Are Ready

It is not uncommon for employers to pressure an injured truck driver to return to the road too quickly after suffering an accident injury or disability. In addition to helping you get the benefits you need, we will work on your behalf to make sure you don't get harassed or suffer pressure to return to work until your doctor says you have obtained maximum medical recovery (MMR) and are physically ready to return to work.

When Should You File?

As soon as you realize that you are injured due to a truck accident or you are suffering undue pain from your daily driving routine, file a claim. If your HR department turns you away or your initial claim is denied by your employer's insurance provider, talk to us right away. Getting a denied claim successfully appealed may take many months. We will move your appeal through the system efficiently.

Contact us. You can reach one of our experienced Barry County and Lawrence County workers' compensation attorneys at 417-737-7124 or by email to arrange your initial consultation.

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